Thursday, September 30, 2010

A peak into my really!

So after going on and on about my basement of craft mania, I thought I would give you a little peak into my space and what's been going on down there recently.

I have a wheeled cart that houses my current works in progress as well as recently completed items. I can just roll it around wherever I am and have it next to me with all my project elements at hand.

Honestly, I also find it reassuring to open my "Finished" drawer just as an occasional morale booster. I have to tell my self that whatever I am in the trenches with, it will someday be finished and someone will get the pleasure of seeing it on their baby or child. So here's my "Finished" drawer as it looks right now.

One of my other favorite places is my shelf of fabric bins, just begging to be created into something new and fabulous!

I always wash and press everything right after I return from the store so when I have time to go down and create, all I have to do is pick my fabric of choice and get crackin'! When you have two little kids, you have to take full advantage of every moment you have to work!

Ah yes, the lovely Singer, currently set up on my craft table as I have been using it so much. (love, love, love).

My spools and bobbins are like little rainbows in boxes - such a delight!

Here is my latest purchase from my favorite yarn store in Denver, Lamb Shoppe, which is a beautiful little place piled ceiling high with the most beautiful fibers from all over the world. They house their yarns on old wooden built-in bookshelves complete with rolling ladder and all! They always have a large stock of my favorite Debbie Bliss yarns on hand. Ohhhh, it's like a bag of pure softness and tactile goodness.

Here's the top of the knitting bakers rack loaded with baskets of beautiful fiber from projects past and also a good stash for projects yet to come.

Next to the long craft table are the towers of madness...yes, the scrapbooking towers. Recently neglected in favor of other crafting options (namely for the shop), I do still love to look through all the papers and notions knowing that someday I will have time to put all my little one's pictures in albums. I am okay with that fact that that isn't today.

Right before shipping out the door, all my sales take a stop at the wrapping station to get dressed up all pretty in tissue paper, a tag, and pretty ribbon before heading out the door to their new home.

I have almost finished three boys knit hats in three different sizes which I hope to have up in the next day or two! Buddy Boy is up from his nap, so Mom duty calls :)


  1. You're stuff is so organized! Mine's a mess! This is good inspiration for me. Thanks!



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