Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Knitting for Project Hope and Threads of Love

I'm busy knitting away on some very special, purposeful, tiny hats for a great cause. Enter Laura, of Splendor, a lovely woman and mother with a beautiful heart. She has spearheaded an awesome project called Project Hope

Laura is collecting items to be placed in boxes made by a wonderful organization called Threads of Love. They provide clothing, blankets and other handmade articles for tiny premature and sick infants, as well as for parents facing the death of an infant through miscarriage, infant death or stillbirth. Here's their mission statement:

"We desire to show God's love to the parents and loved ones of these babies in their time of uncertainty. Perhaps those who are experiencing incomprehensible pain may know a peace and serenity that extends beyond the situation. We want to simply be there to bring the unsaid message of God's presence and His infinite love and compassion."

You can read more about Laura's personal story and her special mementos here. What specifically are in these boxes you may ask? Here is a more concrete list from Laura of items that will be contained in the boxes:

-Tiny crochet hats and booties for shadow boxes {25 sets of blue or 25 sets of pink}
-Small teddy bear
-Small cross charm to be worn on a necklace or bracelet
-Small token coins with word Hope hand stamped.
-Christmas ornament
-Small lovie blanket
-Small bag with pink or blue ribbon for a lock of hair {25 of each color}
-Tags for hair lock bags with scripture verse- Matthew 10:30 "For even the very hairs on your head are numbered" 
-A small print with the verse Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to bring you HOPE and a future"
-Each box will include a printed prayer as well that has been donated. Moms can frame this prayer as a memory as well.  
-Burial gowns are also made for the baby and put into the box.

If you would like to be a part of Project Hope by contributing these special keepsakes to a family, giving a monetary donation, or help with decorating the boxes, click on the button below to find out more and get involved. 


Being a mother and a NICU nurse, this project hit very near to my heart, and I immediately wanted to be involved. I pray that God uses everyone involved to collectively be a comfort and a ministry to each recipient.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Warm up for fall!

Fall is here.

The trees have ushered in the the season with flaming torches quivering on their branches. We love to watch how each day transforms the leaves into a new more autumn saturated hue.

My refrigerators are loaded with apples after last weeks trip to the orchard.
Nothing like a fresh picked, juice running down your sleeves,
Everett is my sustainability champion. Waste not, want not.
Why pick from the trees when there are plenty of great apples right here on the ground?
Is there anything better than a big stick?

Lucky for us, this means a table full of harvest recipes piping hot and filling the senses with delight, from apple pork roasts to apple crisp.

This truly is one of my favorite times of year. 

Cooler weather also means my fingers are itching even more than usual to create some warmth on those needles! That means some new additions to the shop as well as many custom orders (thank you to my wonderful customers!)
Cashmere / Merino Boys Stripe Hat

A few new hats that are ready to ship as well as many to custom order.
Dusty Pink Cashmere / Merino Hat with Pearl Rosette Clip

Cashmere / Merino Wool Eyelet Band Hat with Rhinestone Rosette Clip

100% Organic Cotton Ladybug Hat 

Also, new detachable rosettes! They are mounted on an alligator clip (or brooch pin) so they can be attached to the hat as well as worn alone as a hair or clothing accessory.

The colors are stunning and the fibers sumptuous. Go grab something for yourself or your kids and use this coupon code so you can have 15% off!!


It's time to cozy up and enjoy the season!

All the best,

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Family Portrait at Lake Michigan

We just returned from a blissful full week right on the shores of Lake Michigan. What more could I ask for than a house whose back yard is only sand, surf, and a fire pit built for family. We enjoyed the fellowship and fun of my husband's entire family and soaked up the sun and each other's company. I will post more pics as I go through them (there are a lot!), but here's a family picture that I think is just lovely. I sure do love my little family. So blessed.

And one of the whole crew as well.

Love to you all and your families as well,

p.s. My dear Justin's informed me his eyes aren't closed. He just has a "Neanderthal Brow", as he likes to put it!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Remembering Her Legacy

First off, let me apologize for my length of absence.

It seems that summer days slip away much faster than any other time of year. We have been enjoying these sweet, hot days dripping with fun, fresh food and family.

My studio has been humming with new shop items, sales, and also a new quilt for my family. More on that next time...

Back in June, we made the unexpected trip home to celebrate the life of one remarkable woman. Justin's grandmother passed at the ripe age of 90, still sharp as a tack, and with her life fully filled with the Lord.

Christmas visit, December 2010
She was a mother to seven, and grandmother, great-grandmother and even great, great-grandmother.
Meeting Great-Grandaughter Alora at 4 months old
Her last hours were spent scrawling wisdom of the Lord, words of love and even a few jokes on over 40 pages to her family as they surrounded her. Unable to use her voice, she wasn't going to let that prevent her from sharing what her heart told her to say.

Meeting Everett for the first time

One of her last papers, written to be shared with all, said simply this:

I love you all
I love the Lord
Lord, take me home

What a place to be when coming before the Lord in her final hour. I hope to be that at peace when my time comes, whenever that may be.

We spent the weekend remembering, laughing, crying. The day before she was laid to rest, we went to the cemetery where her husband was interned 28 years ago.

What joy to know they are together again. 

We planted flowers she would love and made it look unique from all those around. "She wouldn't want to blend in" said Mom. She is the purple and orange in a field of red and white.
Everett helping Grandma

Ayla tucked in with Momma Alicia, Justin's sister

Ayla wearing her Grand-Grandmother's baby bonnet. Such a beauty.
 I was honored my mother-in-law asked me to sing at her memorial. Amazing Grace. Just as she would have wanted. The last piece laid open on the organ, verses typed up and next to the score. A hymn to sing her home.

A avid crafter, she had projects started all over the house, many for great-grandchildren. She loved crocheting for those little babies.
Alora wearing her purse from Great-Grandma Pryor at the pumpkin patch. She takes it everywhere.
She was a sewer, quilter and weaver as well. I am honored to be inheriting her beautiful floor loom. I have never used a loom, but I look forward to learning and honing my skills and remembering the love and legacy she wove through her family.

My grandmothers lived across the country from me as I grew up and passed away before I had children of my own. I wish my children could have known those two women and I know they would have delighted in great-grandchildren immensely.

Having a relationship with Grandma was natural and easy. She showed me the same love as any of her own grandchildren, and she and I had many stimulating conversations, from child-rearing to crafting to religion. She brought a fullness to my life that I didn't know I was looking for. A wisdom of a life lived deep, shared without reservation.

She was such a blessing in my life and my children's lives. A joy and a delight.

Remembering her today.

Love to you all,

Friday, June 10, 2011

InstaFriday Time

Here's my week in iPhone pics. Share yours too over at InstaFriday on Life Rearranged and link up!

life rearranged

With the coming of June, the weather finally caught up to the calendar and we have enjoyed a beautiful week. Playground time!

Everett rocking his signature scowl (in between giggles of glee!)
He comes by it honestly. His sister, mom, and dad ALL had the same look as babies.

My grandma called me "Stoneface". Nice. But true!

The wonderful world of boys.

This summer is going to be a glimpse into the years ahead for me with my sweet little E.
I love how he is so adventuresome. (Just a tad different than sister Alora. She's utterly terrified of anything new.)

Every moment is an opportunity to discover something new, by putting it in his mouth of course.





I love his dirty, sweet little hands and that joy of discovery on his face after a day at play.

Justin had to travel this week, so while we missed him, I was able to spend a lot of time in my studio after the kids were in bed.

Such a retreat.

Paper piecing my strip quilt blocks

Making progress

I actually finished all the blocks and assembled the entire quilt top the other night!


I'll have pics up soon. I am planning on going hunting for the perfect binding today.
We have this awesome fabric store here in our little small town called Material Girl. Just lovely.

Making dinner at home as the weather warms is one of my favorite things.

The bounty of the earth becomes more and more prolific and we enjoy every bit we can.

Proof that cellulite can be cute.

Only on a baby bum though!

This naked dash is a new common occurrence in our house during diaper changes since the advent of E walking.

Just try and get that thing on me mom. Ha!

Alora is at that sweet age where she loves to cuddle.
Precious moments indeed.

She has also developed quite the affinity for drawing monsters.

She is such a great big sister and what a helper even at 3 years old.

Warmer days have lead to longer naps!

Play hard, sleep hard! Sometimes, he doesn't even make it to his bed.
The couch will do for now!

Sleepy girl too!

I'm looking forward to seeing what all of your weeks have looked like too. Now go link up!


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