Thursday, July 21, 2011

Remembering Her Legacy

First off, let me apologize for my length of absence.

It seems that summer days slip away much faster than any other time of year. We have been enjoying these sweet, hot days dripping with fun, fresh food and family.

My studio has been humming with new shop items, sales, and also a new quilt for my family. More on that next time...

Back in June, we made the unexpected trip home to celebrate the life of one remarkable woman. Justin's grandmother passed at the ripe age of 90, still sharp as a tack, and with her life fully filled with the Lord.

Christmas visit, December 2010
She was a mother to seven, and grandmother, great-grandmother and even great, great-grandmother.
Meeting Great-Grandaughter Alora at 4 months old
Her last hours were spent scrawling wisdom of the Lord, words of love and even a few jokes on over 40 pages to her family as they surrounded her. Unable to use her voice, she wasn't going to let that prevent her from sharing what her heart told her to say.

Meeting Everett for the first time

One of her last papers, written to be shared with all, said simply this:

I love you all
I love the Lord
Lord, take me home

What a place to be when coming before the Lord in her final hour. I hope to be that at peace when my time comes, whenever that may be.

We spent the weekend remembering, laughing, crying. The day before she was laid to rest, we went to the cemetery where her husband was interned 28 years ago.

What joy to know they are together again. 

We planted flowers she would love and made it look unique from all those around. "She wouldn't want to blend in" said Mom. She is the purple and orange in a field of red and white.
Everett helping Grandma

Ayla tucked in with Momma Alicia, Justin's sister

Ayla wearing her Grand-Grandmother's baby bonnet. Such a beauty.
 I was honored my mother-in-law asked me to sing at her memorial. Amazing Grace. Just as she would have wanted. The last piece laid open on the organ, verses typed up and next to the score. A hymn to sing her home.

A avid crafter, she had projects started all over the house, many for great-grandchildren. She loved crocheting for those little babies.
Alora wearing her purse from Great-Grandma Pryor at the pumpkin patch. She takes it everywhere.
She was a sewer, quilter and weaver as well. I am honored to be inheriting her beautiful floor loom. I have never used a loom, but I look forward to learning and honing my skills and remembering the love and legacy she wove through her family.

My grandmothers lived across the country from me as I grew up and passed away before I had children of my own. I wish my children could have known those two women and I know they would have delighted in great-grandchildren immensely.

Having a relationship with Grandma was natural and easy. She showed me the same love as any of her own grandchildren, and she and I had many stimulating conversations, from child-rearing to crafting to religion. She brought a fullness to my life that I didn't know I was looking for. A wisdom of a life lived deep, shared without reservation.

She was such a blessing in my life and my children's lives. A joy and a delight.

Remembering her today.

Love to you all,

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