Friday, June 3, 2011


There is something freeing about not caring if the exposure, shutter speed, aperture and lighting are "just right". Sometimes the best pictures are just snapped in that raw moment of fleeting life. Then I take that grainy, imperfect shot and Instagram makes it transform into the way memories look in my mind's eye.


So, thanks to Jeannett at Life Rearranged, I'm linking up with InstaFriday.

so can you!
life rearranged

Can you say heavy? Gritty WWII novel that I am slowly working my way through. Really good. Would be consuming it much faster if it wasn't

Who knew a little jar of thick gooey dairy goodness could evoke so many squeals of delight.

Ever since we went to England two years ago I have been on the hunt for this over here in the states.

Little giddy dance in the market when I found it!

A little smear on a fresh from the oven cranberry orange scone?


Love this stage. I can see glimpses of the little boy he will become.

Yet still totally surrounded by sweet chubby baby cheeks.

We had an interesting week. (aren't they all?)

Valuable Mommy lesson learned: bathroom breaks for Mom aren't allowed during craft time.

Paper project quickly turns into hair cutting experiment.

There was a massive pile of hair. This is the one we kept for evidence sentiment :)

Happy Friday!


  1. welcome to instafriday - woot! :)

    love the self haircut.
    amazing milestone. ;)

  2. @{cuppakim}

    Thanks! Apparently she thought it was time for one. I know I'll look back on it fondly :)

  3. That last picture is too adorable! It came out great too with the app! I gave myself a haircut once when I was about that age, right before my uncle's wedding... I was the flower girl! ha!

  4. ahhh...the self girls haven't done that...yet, but they have gotten very close!
    happy friday!

  5. Veronica - thanks! Oh, your momma must have loved that! It's a good story though, right?

    Mel - I didn't think she would actually do it! She always protests when I mention a haircut and gushes about how much she loves her long hair. Curiosity got the best of her I guess!



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