Thursday, January 27, 2011

A little something new

In the midst of unpacking from our trip to Chicago as well as getting organized to pack up for our move, what am I doing? Crafting new items for the shop. Was this on my "to do" list? Certainly not. After a stressful few weeks though, I just needed a little "me time" to create. I have had the supplies and plans for these for months now, but just hadn't set aside the time to come up with the design.

First off is a fabric covered mini 3-ring binder. It seems in this tech-age, everything we do is on our smart phone. There is something about the tactile experience of writing something down that imprints the information on my brain better than any touch screen ever could. On any given day my mind is a whirl of things I need to get done, ideas for new projects, funny things my daughter just came up with, food I need to buy at the store, meal plans for the week, milestones my 9 mo. old son just reached, and so much more. Tuck this little binder wherever you need it most: your purse, laptop bag, car, diaper bag, anywhere! And the best part? It's filled with lined notebook paper you can refill to your heart's content.

Along the same lines, but on a smaller scale are the new notepad trios, decked out in cute cardstock. These two trios have a "Little Birdie" theme, one in dots and stripes and the other in a cute floral. I am a little crazy for things that COORDINATE (chalk it up to a mom that dressed all three of us kids to match). There is something about it that feels pulled together and organized. What a great little pad to stash in your purse or better yet, give this trio as a gift to that friend of yours that needs to know you're thinking of her. It seems I always am in need of little "somethings" to give to a girlfriend, hostess, teacher, or neighbor who has helped me out in some way or another. These should do the trick!

I'm sure there will be many more of these to come, but you'll just have to wait until we move and I get settled in my new craft room! I can already see in my mind's eye all the delights that will come out of that space.

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