Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring line...might just make it out by summer.

Since we are already in the midst of spring, I thought maybe I should start working on a spring line. Late? I know. Such is life right now. I have had a few patterns steeping in the back of my mind for a while now just waiting for the right time (aka: finding time to knit) to make their lovely appearance.

Just because it is spring doesn't mean the sun received the message. Here in Chicagoland, the clouds have been predominating and the weather is "brisk" to say the least. This time of year still calls for some layers of warmth. (Sidenote: one of my favorite books from childhood is "How the Sun was Brought Back to the Sky." I now read it to A and she loves it. Seriously, check it out.)

The two I have started are both in my favorite organic cotton. Awesome fiber.

The first piece is this adorable cable hat. I wanted to evoke the feeling of warmer weather on the horizon though, and this lovely robin's egg blue just speaks to new life. Appropriate both for the season and this upcoming Easter which is all about rebirth and new life. Here's my little E modeling it for me.

We are all abustle with birthday preparations as E turn's one tomorrow! Hard to believe. All the emotions of that day come flooding back as if it were today rather than months ago. What a joyful moment in our families lives. He opened our hearts to a lot more love, a boy's world, and the sweet, silly, loud, BUSY life that he's given us. He made A a big sister and she has blossomed and grown so much this last year. Her tenderness toward him still touches me and teaches me every day.

J's parents are coming in for the weekend to celebrate Easter and E's birthday together, which is such a treat. We will have a little party on Friday with some close friends and then head to the city on Saturday. A has been asking to go to the "Dinosaur Museum" since we moved here and so we are planning on it, finally!

My second new piece in the spring/summer line is this silky, feminine seed scarf that drapes so beautifully.

Light and airy enough for warm days as well as cool and is that perfect finishing touch. I love it paired with a neutral top to transform your whole look into something fresh. Nothing like a great accessory to take something you've had in your closet for years to a whole new level.

As you can see it is still on the needles and has just a bit left to go. I am planning on a pared down version for girls as well as the women's scarf. This vibrant teal was just what I needed on a rainy, gloomy day to evoke the colors of coming warmer months.

Stayed tuned for more to come. When? No idea...

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